Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night

I follow a few hundred blogs, maybe even a thousand. Some, I follow because they’re really good. Some, I follow because they’re my competition. Others, I follow because they’re entertaining (to be read when I feel like procrastinating), and others I read because they inspire the “what not to do” articles on this blog (sad but true!).

Because of time constrains, I am an occasional visitor to all of these blogs. I just visit them, from time to time, and I rarely comment or engage the bloggers.

But today, as I went on one of the blogs I read from time to time, the first article I read was about them giving up on the blog.

I’m not going to share their name or anything, because I believe that, especially now, shining a spotlight on them is the least thing they’d want.

But, here’s the thing:

We’re talking about a decade old blog (older than my first blog) which consistently published new articles every single week without fail.

Naturally, I was curious to check how many followers they had amassed (I had never been curious enough to do that before.)

How many readers do you think this blog has?

Mind you, a decade ago, the blogging ecosystem was like the Wild West. Few rules, a lot of opportunities.

Twenty thousand readers? More? Less?

What about ten thousand? Given that they’ve published well over 600 articles, on a consistent basis like I said…

Whatever number you probably have in mind, I can assure you it’s much lower.

Actually, after an entire decade of publishing articles, they had only 410 followers.

To put things into perspective, that’s less than a new reader every week. And to make matters worse, over such a long period of time, most of them maybe even stopped reading the blog, or stopped blogging, or even stopped breathing altogether.

Add to that roughly 10% spam accounts, and you arrive at the inevitable conclusion that a decade old blog maybe had 100-150 loyal readers.

And this made me sad. Quite so.

And thus, I urge you: Do not go gentle into that good night!

Mind my words:

You can build it, but they won’t come.

You can build all you want, thinking that content is king (it’s no longer!), but your people, your target audience, won’t ever find you, given that the web is overcrowded and saturated.

The ABCs aren’t enough anymore.

The same old tired (and mostly useless) advice on how to blog, how to choose a theme, and how to pick an email marketing provider (all because there are plenty of opportunities to place affiliate links within said articles) aren’t going to help you anymore.

Yes, the ABCs of blogging are a Google search away. And they’re free, mostly because you’re the product, and you are clicking on ads and affiliate links, while feeling as if no one will ever read your blog.

It’s ultra-competitive.

The blogging ecosystem is so competitive, regardless of the niche you choose, and the barrier to entry is so high, that you can’t do it yourself, rely on the information you get for free, and expect to genuinely build a loyal audience or earn an income from your blog.

Are you serious about blogging?

Here’s what one of our XYZ members wrote:

I feel the 199.00 dollars I just invested to be here was worth every dollar and if someone does not have the courage to put out a few bucks to insure that their “blog” has meaning, they need to give up blogging.

Harsh? Yeah. But it’s true.

That’s how it is.

I write two articles before everyone else wakes up. I invest thousands and thousands of dollars each month on my tech stack, on software, on books, on courses.

But if you’re not willing to invest $60 on lifetime access to the XYZ of blogging, to the real frameworks, courses, and mental models that will take your blog to the stratosphere, then… what are you doing?

It is what it is.

The XYZ of blogging

Because the blogging ecosystem has changed so much, we need to work on building a proper content strategy, we must understand the psychology of our readers, the marketing, a proper way to brand ourselves.

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