XYZ by the Art of Blogging: A Look Behind the Scenes

With 48 hours until launch, take a look at our much-improved platform

We’re 48 hours away from launching a new and improved XYZ platform, and I wanted to share with a few behind the scenes while I do my best to include as much valuable content as possible.

I’m quite excited to use this platform to help you reach the blogging stratosphere, and I believe we’re going to have everything we need right within this platform (and its iOS/Android set of apps.)

That being said, here’s a look at the new XYZ platform.

A forum organized around certain spaces/topics.

The topics area of the platform acts as a discussion forum. You can share articles, ask questions, run polls, and all the good stuff.

This area also acts as a showcase for members to share some of their best articles, or maybe share a win (something big that’s happened, and they want to celebrate with the community.)

All in all, this is what our former community platform, the Hub, was 90% about.

Next up, events.

This is another aspect that I’m incredibly excited for. We’ll be running monthly AMAs (ask me anything) via our in-app chat, we’re going to be running workshops over Zoom, it’s going to be cool. You can see all the events on a calendar, you can RSVP or not, you can click on any of the events and find out more about it:

Now, let’s talk about channels:

In essence, each channel acts as its own mini-forum, or a community within a community. Yet, each of these serves a different purpose:

For instance, the Articles channel, where you will find a new in-depth tutorial every week. You will also be able to download these articles (or read them on our platform’s app on your smartphone)

By the way, I really dig how the articles look, especially on a web browser, because you can go full-screen and absorb the information in a distraction-free manner.

Of course, we also have moved Trends, our premium newsletter, over to this new platform. And you will also find a ton of downloadable resources (eBooks, tutorials, frameworks, canvases, guides, and so much more.)

Lastly, there’s a Playground, which will act as a sort of community for those who want to work together (and build together). Whether you need help designing a logo for your blog, or you want to write an article with someone else, or you need an editor, this is where you go asking for help.

Now, let me show you the Courses section:

This is the homepage, where you can find all the courses (yes, I’ve yet to add all of them, but will do so today and tomorrow, before we launch our new platform.)

What I love about this is that there’s a ton of functionality I can add to the courses themselves (there’s an activity feed, topics, a chat for students, and more), so this acts as a sort of community in and of itself. You can comment on course lessons with other students, or you can run a poll, ask questions, even chat with all the students.

It’s insanely cool, and it will make you feel much more accountable to actually take part in the lessons and then apply what you learn and share the results with your fellow students.

So, yeah, this is how the XYZ platform looks like right now.

Before we launch on Sunday, I’m running this insane offer:

You get lifetime access to everything (the courses, downloads, articles, live events) for a one-time fee of $59.

Yes, you pay once and you get access to everything I’ve ever created about blogging, and everything I will ever create. It’s all yours, forever and ever.

But you’ve got to be fast.

Right now, there are around 20 hours left until the price goes up to $79. This final offer will last an additional 24 hours, and then access to XYZ will cost $90/year.

So, yeah, in other words, $59 is all the money you will ever have to invest in upgrading your blogging skills. Ever.

But you’ve got to take action right now.

And you’ve got to click on this link right here, so you can grab your spot.

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